Martial Arts Magnified

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Martial Arts Magnified

A Martial Arts Shirt with an emphasis on ART.

The Martial Arts are no less of an art form than painting, sculpting or even dancing.

Some people look at martial arts, specifically MMA and think that it’s just barbaric, macho or even vicious. But what they don’t understand is the countless hours spent developing, honing and mastering your art. The bruises and pain, the joy of victory and the agony of setbacks. Most of all they don’t understand the exhilaration of accomplishment that comes with even the smallest amount of progress.

Bruce Lee once said “All martial arts is simply an honest expression of one’s body”. So be true to your art form, don’t let week minded pessimists stand in your way, and express yourself in the most honest way you know how... In whatever form of art you chose.

This shirt is Hand Printed on 50/50 Ring-Spun Combed Cotton/Polyester and printed with water-based ink.

  • Red Shirt
  • 50/50 Cotton (Ring Spun Combed-Cotton) / Polyester
  • Ringer Tee
  • Fits Slim

Hand-Printed shirts have a unique quality that is hard to reproduce, creating a worn in look with slight variations in design appearance.

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Unlike other Cotton t-shirts on the market, ours is made with combed cotton, giving it an ultra soft, worn in feel and superior drape. Shirt should be washed before first use. The shrink is ultra minimum when using cold water and low heat drying.

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