Renzo Gracie Prepares for Metamoris 5

Renzo Gracie is prepared for his Metamoris 5 match against rival Kazushi Sakuraba on November 22nd, 2014. This should be an incredible re-match between two of the world's best grapplers. During their last encounter in August of 2000, Sakuraba defeated Renzo by referee stoppage when Sakuraba broke Renzos arm with a Kimura. Renzo never gave up and hails the fight as one of his proudest moments in Mixed Martial Arts.

This time the two will face each other under submission only grappling rules, and since there are no rounds the competitors must pace themselves for the entire 20 minute match. Both men are capable grapplers and they are no doubt ready for the physical and mental endurance that goes into a long contest. With no points to fall back on, one of the opponents must submit the other to truly be the champion, and we all know from past experience that getting a Gracie to submit is more than a difficult task… in fact it is nearly impossible. It will be interesting to witness the outcome of this historic event, my opinion is if you’re not watching this fight… then you’re not really a fan of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


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Renzo Graqcie (right) and Luciano Christovam

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